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Jacam and Sialco are two divisions of CES that specialize in formulating and manufacturing oilfield chemicals in North America. Jacam operates vertically integrated facilities in Sterling, Kansas and Midland, Texas, where they use high- and low-temperature reactors to manufacture over 500 products for various stages of the oilfield lifecycle.

Sialco, located in Canada with port access to Asian markets, provides cost-effective solutions while maintaining quality standards. Together, Jacam and Sialco have 31 reactors in North America.

In addition, Superior Weighting Products is a quality-driven entity under CES that offers high-quality weight materials to the industry. As a quality-driven entity, we meet the various quality standards, requirements, specifications, and expectations of our clients. Laboratories for Jacam and Sialco are located in Sterling, KS; Woodlands, TX; North Dakota (Contract) and Vancouver, BC.

USA: 22 Reactors (500-2,000 Gallons, glass and stainless steel lined as appropriate). Both low and high temp (up to 550°F) reactors are utilized. Solid Chemistry manufacturing is also performed.

Canada: 9 Reactors (900-7,500 Gallons)

Our large scale, proprietary clay processing allows for high-quality products. At CES, we manufacture our own barium sulphate and calcium carbonate products.

CES is strategically located to import raw materials and export consumable chemicals, whether it be port, rail, or road.

CES Energy Solutions runs a decentralized model which allows us to adapt to regional needs and take advantage of the economies of scale to ensure best value of the products we purchase. All departments source raw materials and finished goods globally, with the estimated logistical scope of 4,000 ocean containers, 960 pneumatic and box rail cars, over 6,500 trucks transported in either pneumatic, vans, or liquid bulk, and we ship 6 full dry bulk ships of raw ore to our barite mill in Texas.

Our focus as a corporation is to be fully vertically integrated with our production facilities sourcing raw materials to react, blend chemicals and minerals to produce finished goods in our drilling market. This allows us to have total cost of ownership from the conception of our products and adapt chemistries based off industry and customer requirements.



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