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High Performance, Temperature Stable Invert

Our preblended HT Invert™ has been used by Canadian operators to drill some of the longest laterals in North America. Delivered directly to your site with optimized properties that require virtually no maintenance. Our High Temperature Blend is specially formulated using all in-house manufactured products with a proprietary blend of clays, rheology modifiers and emulsifiers to deliver a performance fluids without the added cost.

Award Winning | Internally Manufactured | Oil Based Mud


Reduce your Losses and Clean Hole Like Never Before

Over 6 patents are held by us on this environmentally friendly bentonite system. It’s unique mixed-metal hydroxide (MMH) additives give simple gel superior rheology and viscoelastic properties that help prevent subsurface losses and clean hole like never before.

CES Patent | Environmentally Friendly | Water Based Mud

Solids Free Brine for Extended Bit Life and Improved ROP

Especially useful in hardened rock with slow ROPs, the unvisocisified low solids fluid has proven to maximize ROP and bit life in any drilling situation. Our patented corrosion package and lubricants help operators drill the longest brine wells in Canada.

CES Patent | Award Winning | Manufactured in Canada | Water Based Mud

Sustainable, High Performance Fluid

Lower your environmental footprint while lowering your costs. We help turn your local production water sources into a performance water based drilling fluid. reducing commercial brine purchases and transportation costs. Through our first in class analytical labs we test and vet your local production water sources to determine treatment and feasibility. Reduce your commercial brine and transportation costs and turn your produced water liability into an asset.

CES Patent  |  Water Based Mud

Patented SAG-D Fluid

TarDrill™ anti-accretion additives are patented, and field proven delivering the best performance in heavy oil applications. Benefits include minimal washout percentages as compared to other SAGD fluids, excellent re-usability and very low friction values running liners, tripping and drilling.

Environmentally Friendly | Water Based Mud

Low Damage, Low Friction

Developed for better hole cleaning, and better lubricity at the early stages of horizontal drilling Liquidrill™ still gets used today for applications that require low formation damage and less friction in laterals.

Environmentally Friendly | Water Based Mud