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Our Real-Time Operations Center (RTOC) was initiated to provide our clients with daily hydraulics and torque/drag modeling. Accurate and timely modelling can be essential to the successful drilling of challenging wells. With several dedicated technicians, the RTOC keeps a constant eye on critical wells, while producing the necessary modeling to help our clients achieve optimal performance, with lower costs while minimizing operational risk.

Hydraulic models enable clients to see if their wellbores are clean, helping to optimize/reduce sweeps and time prohibitive clean-up cycles. In more challenging areas with narrow ECD windows, these models also help operators maintain proper ECD windows and optimal tripping/casing running speeds.

Daily torque and drag modeling includes projecting drilling torque at TD based on current drilling parameters as well as pre-emptive liner run simulations. These models help clients make more informed and calculated decisions on lubricant additions, as well as targeting problem areas in the wellbore that may require wiper tripping/reaming. Using our continuously growing dataset we can match past case examples to help our clients make more meaningful decisions.

Data Driven Experience


CES ensures that a fully dedicated team is focusing on the internal development of technical solutions for clients. CES offers safe and secure access to your data from anywhere. Offering customizable pre-calculated data fields, live access to field data, historical well data for detailed analytics - and more.

Live Client Dashboards (Costs, Properties, 3D Mapping)

Live Supply Chain (Load Management, QA/QC Metrics)

Detailed Well Planning

CES now provides operators direct access to their drilling fluids data in a digitally secure and easy to use manor. We have given the operator the ability to connect their current drilling data to the drilling fluids data we provide. This will give operators the ability to further analyze aspects of their operation and dive into the full picture of the well.

Using a condensed schema of our internal database the information can be easily pulled into numerous Business Intelligence tools, Power BI, Spotfire, Tableau, etc. The data can also be used outside of these analytic tools based on what the operators capacity is, the information can be exported straight to excel, or used ins SQL Management Studio.

Your data will be available to use directly from the field or warehouse as they sync their reports, giving you the ability to compare trends while the well is being completed. Using this in combination with historical well information that CES also has available becomes a powerful tool for optimization and analysis.


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