Technical Services

Enerlytx Seeker™ is the premier tool for offset research and analysis to keep you out of trouble. In our dedication to consistent and deliverable costs, we look at data better than anyone else.

Bringing Drilling Fluids Data to another level. Stay on top of your KPIs and better understand your drilling fluids performance with Tracker™ - the newest part of Enerlytx™, your CES analytics package. With Tracker™ you can access all of your mud performance data online in an easy to use dashboard with total transparency. Product consumption, fluid costs, historical & current mud properties and even corrosion results are all available at your fingertips.

A true innovation in Drilling Fluids. We are extremely proud to present ClearViewer™, our Real-Time Brine Monitoring system that streams directly on your Pason. Gain insights like never before and bring the ultimate clarity to your brine based drilling fluid operations.