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In the United States, Jacam formulates and manufactures oilfield chemicals at our vertically integrated facilities in Sterling, Kansas and Midland, Texas. Using a series of high- and low-temperature reactors, we manufacture more than 800 products across the entire life-cycle of the oilfield, from completions and stimulation to production and pipelines.

For the Canadian segment, with port access to Asian markets, Sialco has enabled CES to lower our costs to the client even further while providing industry leading products. In total, both divisions have 31 reactors in North America.

Superior Weighting Products enjoys a sterling reputation in the industry for its best service and product quality in the weight material market. Being a quality driven entity, we meet the various quality standards, requirements, specifications and expectations of all of our clients.

Jacam/Sialco laboratories are located in Sterling, KS, Woodlands TX, North Dakota (contract) and Vancouver, BC.

USA: 22 Reactors (500-2000 Gallons per, glass and stainless steel lined as appropriate). Both low and high temp (up to 550°F) reactors are utilized. Solid Chemistry manufacturing is also performed.

Canada: 9 Reactors (900-7,500 Gallons per)

Our large scale, proprietary clay processing allows for high quality products. At CES, we manufacture our own barium sulphate and calcium carbonate products.

Whether it be port, rail or road, CES is strategically located to import raw materials and export consumable chemicals.