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As drilling and production has become more complex, advanced down-hole technologies are becoming increasingly important to drive success for operators. CES delivers leading technology advancements for drilling fluids, stimulations and completions, production, and pipeline and midstream markets through dedicated collaboration between its R&D centers and local laboratories, committed investment in research and development, and by leveraging third party partner relationships.

Drilling Fluids - Products

Name Description Application
Bit-Encap Anti-Accretion Provides viscosity and lubricity to SAGD drilling fluids. Helps with anti-accretion.
Bond Log Plus Surfactant SAGD drilling. Enhances quality and integrity of cement jobs in build interval of well.
CES Corrosion Inhibitor Corrosion Inhibitor Low toxicity corrosion inhibitor, best for monovalent brines.
CES Primary OBM Emulsifier Stabilizes the emulsion of oil based muds and aids in reducing HTHP.
CES Secondary OBM Emulsifier Forms a stable water-in-oil emulsion. Helps with high temperature stability.
CES Wetting Agent OBM Surfactant Improves oil-wetting properties.
CottonSeal™ Lost Circulation Material Water and oil based muds in deep / horizontal wells.
Drill-In 20 P Viscosifier Proprietary polymer used in water based fluids. Low-damaging polymer.
Ener-G Filtrate Reducer / Lubricant Primarily used for wellbore strengthening and associated luifd loss applications. Also provides some lubrication.
EnerBind Filtrate Reducer Provides fluid loss control with minimum increase in viscosity in most water based drilling fluids.
EnerBuff Buffer Used to give fluids resistance to pH decreases caused by the presence of acid gas.
Enerclear F1102 Flocculant Flocculates solids in high concentration electrolyte systems.
Enerclear F1802 Flocculant Flocculates solids in high concentration electrolyte systems.
Enerclear F3101 Flocculant Flocculates solids in high concentration electrolyte systems.
EnerCore Viscosifier Proprietary polymer designed for ease of use when coring.
EnerCure Lost Circulation Material Used to prevent losses in invert fluid, especially while cementing casing.
EnerHib C Corrosion Inhibitor Patent pending corrosion inhibitor specifically designed for use with CES' EnerCLEAR drilling fluid.
EnerMod Low End Rheology Modifier Used for enhancing the rheological characteristics of invert emulsion drilling fluids.
EnerNite Filtrate Reducer Primarily used as an HTHP fluid loss additive in oil based muds. Can be used in water based muds.
EnerPAC Lo Vis Viscosifier Low viscosity polyanionic cellulose that effectively reduces filtration rate of water based drilling fluids without causing significant increaes in rheology or gel strengths.
EnerPAC Regular Viscosifier Premium grades, high viscoity polyanionic cellulose that effectively reduces the filtration rate of water based drilling fluids.
EnerScav C Oxygen Scavenger Patent pending oxygen scavenger specifically designed for use with CES' EnerCLEAR drilling fluid.
EnerSlide Lubricant Solid lubricant for mechanical reduction of torque and drag.
Enertone OBM Viscosifer Organophilic clay thickener for low or moderate aromatic content oil based drilling fluids.
Enertone D OBM Viscosifer Organophilic clay thickener for low or moderate aromatic content oil based drilling fluids.
Enertrol OBM Filtrate Reducer HTHP fluid loss additive for oil based drilling fluids.
Enervis Viscosifier Proprietary viscosifier for water based drilling fluids.
EnerZAN Viscosifier Dispersible, high molecular weight xanthan biopolymer used for rheology control in water based systems.
EnerZAN L Viscosifier Liquid form of EnerZAN.
EnFiber Lost Circulation Material Ground cellulosic fibre used as a fluid loss, seepage, and/or loss of circulation material.
Envirobond™ Plus Shale Control "Water based, clay free systems. Inhibits hydration and migration of fine solids, clays, and shales."
EZ-Gel™ P Viscosifier Proprietary polymer used to viscosify water based fluids with very low potential for damage to formation.
Gemini Defoamer Defoamer Unique, proprietary defoamer developed in house at CES for use in aqueous fluids.
Liquislide S Lubricant "Used in water, salt, and oil based muds. Provides enhanced lubricity."
Lubrigel-L™ Viscosifier Cost effective polymer with unique rheological and viscoelastiv properties. Exhibits low-shear-rate properties with increased flat gel strengths.
Myacide GA 25 Biocide Biocide
PolarBond™ Lost Circulation Material Water and oil based muds in deep / horizontal wells.
PolarWhite™ Lost Circulation Material Produces an engineered filter cake that significantly increases both wellbore stability and strength.
PolyCore™ Viscosifier Core fluid for bitumen reservoirs, oilsands, and delineatin drilling.
Seal-Ax™ HT Lost Circulation Material Water and oil based muds in deep / horizontal wells.
Tarbreak / Tarbreak II Anti-Accretion "SAGD drilling. Reduces adhesiveness of biumen and reduces viscosity."

Drilling Fluids - Systems

Name Description Application
ABS 40 Environmentally Friendly Invert Specialized environmentally friendly synthetic oil based mud system.
CES Invert Invert Maintain stability in highly deviated wellbores and shale sensitive formations.
EnerCLEAR™ High Calcium Allows for increased bit life and faster ROP. System is very inhibitive.
EnerDrill Synthetic OBM Ultra light weight synthetic oil based fluid. Enhances rate of penetration in deep, highly consolidated formations.
EnerReach™ Polymeric Invert Offers outstanding rheology control, flow properties, and inhibition for most oil and gas plays.
EnerSeal™ Patented Lost Circulation Control System Unique rheology profile that mitigates fluid loss in permeable and fractured formations.
Invert / Ecovert Invert Maintain stability in highly deviated wellbores and allows pipe to be tripped without restiction.
Liquidrill™ Non-Damaging Polymer System Used in horizontal, heavy oil, long reach, and SAGD wells.
LiquiSEAL Lost Circulation Control System Ideally suited for sealing micro fractures and mitigation of loss circulation to highly permeable formations.
PureStar Synthetic OBM Environmentally compatible, salt free, synthetic oil based mud system.
TarDrill SAGD Offers exceptional anti-accretion properties for easier drilling in SAGD areas.

Fracturing and Stimulation

Name Description Application
Acid Packages Stimulation
Biocides Prevents degerdation of gellants. Fracturing
Breakers Allows for precicly timed breaks for idea flow back. Fracturing
Clay Control Prevents clay hydration when using water based fracturing fluids. Fracturing
Coil Tubing Lubricants Stimulation
Corrosion Inhibitors Stimulation
Cross Linkers Provides higher viscosity fluids with greater carrying capacity. Fracturing
Flow Back Aids Aids in flow back operations. Fracturing
Non-Emulsifiers Stimulation
Oil Gellants Oil based fracturing fluids Fracturing
Organic Acid Packages Stimulation
pH Control Allows for ideal hydration of gellants. Fracturing
Scale Inhibitors Reduces Scale formation while fracturing. Fracturing
Slick Water Gellants Slickwater fracturing fluids Fracturing
Solvent Packages Stimulation
Surfactant Gels Foamed fracturing fluids Fracturing
Surfactants Stimulation
Water Based Gellants Provides carrying capacity to the fracturing fluid. Fracturing

Production Chemicals

Name Description Application
  • Efficient facility operation.
  • Reduces downtime.
Preventing asphaltene deposition in process equipment.
Biocides Water quality maintenance. Control anaerobic and aerobic bacteria for water injection, water used in completions / fracturing , produced-water, and cooling-water systems.
Corrosion Inhibitors
  • Control of downhole, plant, and pipeline corrosion issues.
  • Specialize in severe corrosion environments. Whole equipment and production facility
  • Acid gas corrosion protection
  • Waterflood corrosion inhibitory
  • Flowline corrosion inhibitor
  • Pipeline corrosion inhibitor
  • Downhole corrosion inhibitor
  • Combination products
Emulsion Breakers
  • Separate oil from emulsion.
  • Clean water from emulsion and ready for disposal.
  • Reduces operating costs.
  • Resolve oil and water emulsions occurring during crude oil production and processing.
  • Assist in the clarification of produced water.
Foamers & Defoamers
  • Increase the efficiency of the production process.
  • Reduces operating costs.
  • Foamers for removing H2O from natural gas wells.
  • Defoamers for alleviating foaming in oil and water systems.
Gas Processing Chemicals Natural gas plant processing efficiencies.
  • Dehydration
  • Heat transfer
  • Defoamers
  • Hydrate control
Hydrate Inhibitors / Breakers Reduces downtime of wells and lost production.
  • Designed to control the formation of gas hydrates in pipelines
  • Breakers to remove hydrates after formation
Paraffin & Asphaltene Control
  • Increase the efficiency of the production process
  • Reduces operating costs.
  • Control the many problems associated with paraffin and asphaltene deposition in oil and natural gas production
  • Pour point depressants
  • Crystal modifiers
  • Dispersants
  • Solvents
  • Asphaltene dispersants for natural gas and oil
Salt Inhibitors and Desalters Reduces downtime of wells and lost production.
  • Reduces the formation of salt in the production process
  • Desalters remove excess salt from oil
Scale Inhibitors
  • Maintains production of wells
  • Reduces downtime and lost production
  • Reduces operating costs
  • Controls the deposition of all forms of carbonate and sulfate scale
  • Controls scale deposition in downhole equipment and production facility
Solids Chemistries (Smart Balls™)
  • Effective downhole, tank and pipeline application of solid chemistries
  • Engineered to distribute the chemical treatment at the specific location
  • Environmentally safe as product design eliminates potential for any spill in transit or on site
  • Corrosion control
  • Scale inhibitors
  • Paraffin control
  • Iron Check
  • Foamers
  • Biocides
  • Water Treatment
Water Treatment Chemicals Water quality
  • Chemicals for removing hydrocarbon residue from disposal water
  • Flocculants for solids removal
  • Sand control

H2S Scavengers

Name Description Application
Proprietary line of Triazine chemistries
  • Ensures pipeline and specification natural gas and hydrocarbons.
  • Ensures rail specification oil.
  • Improves safety.
Removal of H2S from natural gas and hydrocarbon streams and from produced water.
Reaction Vessel Design Engineering design to optimize triazine chemistry efficacy